Grape Varieties of Château Bellevue La Forêt

CHATEAU BELLEVUE LA FORÊT is produced from the following fine varieties :

• 57 hectares of NEGRETTE-a variety specific to the Fronton Appellation and rarely encountered elsewhere.
• 6 hectares of CABERNET FRANC
• 16 hectares of SYRAH
• 12.5 hectares of CABERNET SAUVIGNON
• 7 hectares of GAMAY
• 2.3 hectares of white grapes (Viognier, Roussanne, Petit Manseng).

Négrette had its origin in Gaillac and certainly dates from the creation of vineyards, more than 2,000 years ago. Then this grape gradually moved over to the Fronton region. Today Négrette is the principal grape of Fronton. The ampelographer Galet compared it to and thought it is close to the Pinot family.

Négrette has often been compared to other varieties such Pinot, Mouvedre, Cot (Malbec)


• The stock is somewhat vigorous; the trunk strong erect and well spread out.
• The bud is fairly large, cottony, white with a carmine edge.
• The leaves when young are fluffy on the inside and generally yellowish.
• Fully grown leaves are of medium size, dark green, a little coarse. The main branch is lightly twisted; the underneath slightly fluffy.
• The boughs are green and brown striped.
• The stems are long, sturdy, rigded on the surface. The merithalles of medium length around 10 cm.
• The grapes are small and tightly grained. The stalk is short, durable and herbaceous.
• Where the clones are erect the bunch is cylindrical and forms a wing when spread out.
• The individual grapes are small, black and elliptical. The flower stems are short. The pulp provides an abundant lightly coloured juice.

Négrette is a second generation grape, quite precocious (harvested in mid September) and late developing. This late development is useful as late Spring frosts do occur.

Négrette is thus characterized by a somewhat short vegetative cycle and strong foilige growth. It produces a colourful wine with medium tannins and weak acidity.