The Vineyard of Château Bellevue la Forêt

Philip Grant purchased CHATEAU BELLEVUE LA FORET in May 2008.
A successful career in finance allowed him to realise his dream of owning a vineyard in France.

“I had always enjoyed CHATEAU BELLEVUE LA FORÊT's wines and was impressed by the number of awards which they had received over the years. Today, I am proud to continue the tradition, concentrating all our resources to produce excellent wines, recognised by the most demanding clients and oenophiles.”

Terrain, climate, grape varieties, vinification - these natural and human factors combine to produce the true originality of CHATEAU BELLEVUE LA FORÊT.

Today the 112ha (270 acre) vineyard is the largest single privately owned wine estate in the emerging Southwest of France. The wines are regularly awarded medals in competitions worldwide and have gained a wide array of loyal consumers. The wines are sold in wine shops and restaurants throughout France and are exported to more than twenty countries including Canada, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Ireland, United Kingdom and Central Europe. China and the Far East are now emerging as new and exciting markets for our products.